Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Teeny Tiny Twenty-Eight "Fuzzyflies"

Some things before I start:

I just heard of this "Baby Joseph" deal in Canada and I was really interested to know what kind of neurological disease he has.  I want to know what the prognosis would be.  A lot of news sites are quoting the family as saying that Joseph could recover, but I can't validate that without the name of the disease to research!!  Grr!  I had to "like" the page on FB just to be able to ask there.  I wonder if I can "un-like" when someone answers my question...

I had something else I wanted to put here...but I forgot.  Maybe it will come to me.  Eh.

On to the socks!  These are similar to yesterday's, but I only used two colors instead of three.  It's hard to see in the pictures, but yesterday's had two lace weight yarns, on is the main one you see, the dark...burgundy?  The other is a pale lilac color (I made some tinies out of it a while ago...they're the ones that don't look like socks).  Today I only used the burgundy and the cream colored bamboo.  The lilac stuff is on a huge cone and makes it difficult to travel with.

AND I used that butterfly stitch from the jelly bean black ones!  And you can see it this time.  SO there's the butterfly and then some diagonal yarn overs above the butterflies.

Bed time!  Lab meeting in the morning!

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