Saturday, February 26, 2011

Teeny Tiny Twenty-Six "Hidden Butterflies"

I mislabeled the previous one.  :P  So now they're all correct!  These are made with Plymouth Yarn's Jelly Bean in black.  I put a little butterfly stitch on them, but you can't see it because you can never see things like that in black.  I should stop doing cool things so you can't see them.  Silly me.  You can try if you like.  I took very close pictures for those of you who are interested enough.

Oh and I think Aperture is back to normal.  I didn't do anything to it, either, so maybe it was just having a bad night or summat.  *shrug*

The cuff has an English rib pattern.

You can kiiiinda see the butterfly...

Better?  Kinda?
So there they are.

I'm going to go finish listening to the Swing Years on KUOW (which is super cute and makes me very, very happy) and then go to bed so I can get up and do lots of work tomorrow.  YAY!

Goodnight all!

Until tomorrow! (OSCARS! YAY!)

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