Saturday, March 5, 2011

Teeny Tiny Thirty-Two "Slip Twist"

Blame it on the food!!!  Or Goodwill, either will work.  Blame what, you ask?  The very late time stamp on this post.  Or early.  You pick. went wrong, but then it didn't and it turned out that I really am that bad at calculating dilutions.  I think I'm going to need someone to check that I did it right for a very long while.  It's not that, really...because if someone tells you the dilution is 1:1000 and you put 2uL in 2000uL, that's correct, for that amount.  However, the TOTAL volume includes the plate, which I didn't realize.  But now I do and hopefully the NAT will really be at the correct concentration and I will actually select for my mutant, not just for stuff that feels like growing.  :D

And then I went to Goodwill.  And I got stuff.  I got...the 5th Edition of the "Genus" Edition of Trivial Pursuit AND the Book Lovers' Edition!  I didn't even realize that existed!!  And a deck of Uno for $2.  And a pair of suuuuuper cute Ann Taylor shoes that look super old for $3 AND four really awesome belts (two were pink tags, which means 50% off) and two cute lace tops and an awesome brown crêpe skirt, and two heinous huge wool dresses which I will be chopping apart into PANTS patterns!!  One of them is made out of almost the exact stuff I wanted to use to make myself a pair of pants, but the fabric is $25/yd.  I almost choked.  What else...oh!  A salad bowl.  A really big one with high sides so that when I toss my salads I don't toss them out of the bowl.  And a  I think it's intended for tea lights or floating candles, but I put gravel, norite and soil in it and am attempting to grow some Black Velvet and Rococo pansies in it.  We'll see how that works out for me.  I also want to grow some chives on my front stairs.

Then I went to Safeway for food.  Because after two hours of Goodwill...I was hungry and everyone knows they should NEVER go to the grocery store when hungry, but we all do ANYWAYS!  I bought salad, fruit bits (which I already have, so now I have more), broccoli, asparagus, a yam, avocados, tomatoes, baby carrots, spinach (real, aged spinach, not the silly baby kind), pecans, walnuts, raspberry vinegar, peanut oil, turkey, bratwurst, milk, olive oil mayo (which I don't really need...), night light bulbs, and some Dr. Schol's thingies.  They make my feet happy.  So yeah, I was a bit hungry.

But then I went home and cut up half the yam and fried it in the peanut oil.  My apartment got a bit smokey and I was worried about starting a fire because I decided to use my baby cast iron skillet instead of something sensible, but the fries came out okay.  They taste almost as good as Cafe Flora's, but they're really just an excuse to whip up some chipotle mayonnaise and eat mostly it with a fry or two.  Then I toasted/spiced the pecans and walnuts (recipe HERE) for future amazingsalad (that's what I'm going to call it from now on) and my apartment smelled very good.  And then I made amazingsalad and et it and drank a large glass of milk.

And by the time I finished all of that, it was midnight, so I started the tinies.  I should have picked a more simple design so it didn't take me so long, but I'm not a fan of simple.  I compensated and made the second sock a little simpler.  See if you can figure out which one it was.

And last (well, it happened before the yam fries, but w/e) I posted a note in the 'mail area' of our apartment.  I forgot to post the pictures, but I got home Wednesday to find that my neighbor had kindly parked her car exactly on top of the white line dividing our spaces.  This doesn't seem so bad, right?  Well our parking area is really only big enough for four cars, but instead, it is divided to fit five cars.  And she happens to park on the side near the recycling bins and, so, automatically has more room than the rest of us.  She usually parks pretty well, but this time was ridiculous.  In order to be able to get out of my car, I had to put mine almost touching hers.  I'm not kidding.  They're about three inches apart.  So I wrote her a note.

Okay.  Bed now.  Lots of work to do on the 'morrow!

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