Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Teeny Tinies 49-51 "Rugby Baby 17-19'

More tinies for you to look at!!  YAY!
The Chris Thile tinies didn't quite come out as green and grey as I think the song implies.  I think those colors should be more of a dark forest green and a light gray.  The contrast of these ones is not very significant.  Meh.

The next are the last of the green and __ series.  Black and green.  They're pretty.

On to today's teenies (the other two were made on time, green/grey on Monday and green/black on Tuesday).  These are blue and __, so today's are blue and periwinkle.  They're blue for a blue day.

Tada!  Pardon the lack of quarters.  They're the same size as all the other rugby tinies, so if you are DYING to know exactly how big they are, see some of the previous tinies upon which I have put quarters.

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