Monday, March 21, 2011

Almost a week's worth of tinies (43-48) "Rugby Baby 11-16"

I'm back!  And let me tell you, the sleeping has been worth it!
After deciding to sleep on Tuesday instead of make tinies (which was a very good idea) I went to lab Wednesday, cleaned up, etc and didn't end up going to bed.  I knit Tuesday's tinies on the plane and then couldn't stay awake any longer.  And after that, I took a nap, ate dinner, then went back to bed.  Friday was a bit better.  I knitted half of Wednesday's pair.  Then I finished Wednesday, Thursday and Friday on Saturday and just now finished Saturday's and today's.  So here are six socks for you, and I'm now caught up.  For more on what I've been doing, see the blog I'll write after this one!

These are the last three of the orange/X series and I have started with the green/X series.  It's so wonderful to have only little bits of the skeins left when I'm finished with a color.  There's only a bit left of red and orange, and the green is getting to be the same way.  YAY for using up yarn!

On to green!

I like the green and purple ones the best.  However, I think I will like tomorrow's better because they will be green and gray.  This, of course, is a song by Nickel Creek, and is one of my most most most favorite songs.  It is one of the 61/4000 songs that have the honor of receiving five stars in my iTunes playlist (I'm not finished tagging, but I think that will remain pretty small...the five stars are listened to the most).  :D  You can hear it if you like here: Green and Gray - Nickel Creek.

On to the blog of what I've been doing!

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