Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Things I love at the moment...

In this third iteration, I will cover...well, everything, really.  But mostly Punching (on average, anyways).

1)  Improv Everywhere

I just recently found out about the No Pants Subway Ride and thought it was so cool!  They have it in a lot of cities, now, too.  Seattle did it this year and last.  I would love to participate in one of their thing bobs at some point.  :D

2)  Suckerpunch

I saw the trailer for this movie yesterday while watching V (which is sooo predictable, but still watching...) and initially thought, "Ew.  Hot girls and guns...same as all the other movies."  However, I have since read the blurb about it on Wikipedia and I'm really intrigued.  The sending women to insane assylums in the 50's irks me, so I'm hoping to see it and see the protagonist win...but I have a feeling maybe she won't.  Or she's already been lobotomized and that's a twist...or something.  But you see where my mind is going.  I want to know.

Also, Emily Browning is super gorgeous.  And the whole thing reminds me of Final Fantasy.  I just hope the "people" people in the action scenes aren't CG'd.  I hate the way that looks.

3)  Candy

I found this candy on Etsy that I haven't gotten around to getting yet...I haven't decided if it's worth spending on.  But I want to make some candy.  SO.  I got some books from the library (candy, candy and candy) on how to make candy and am going to see if I can get enough of my work done tomorrow and Friday that I can make some candy this weekend.  I especially want to figure out how to make hard candy.  The kind in that etsy listing.  The first thing I'd like to try is strawberry.  With real strawberry.  Or maybe pomegranate.  Mmm...candy...

4) The Punch Brothers

Um...Chris Thile is basically the most amazing person ever.  I want to play the mandolin because of him.  I just need a mando.  WHY ARE THEY SO SPENSIVE???  Eh.  And they're coming to the Showbox this Tuesday!  And I have a ticket!  I'm super excited!  And I bought their new CD because they are amazing and deserve it.  Yup.  It's going to be an awesome concert.

5)  Punch

Just kidding.

But punch is good, if it's made correctly.

6)  Cottages

I found THE CUTEST LITTLE COTTAGE EVER on craigslist.  It's just a little one bedroom with a living room and a kitchen, but it's sooooo cute.  And little and I love it and I want it and I called the person whose number was on the ad, but they haven't called back, so I'm afraid it's been taken.  But I'm going to email.  And then maybe call again tomorrow?  Is that too much?  BUT IT'S SO CUTE!  I WANT IT!!!  That picture is not the cute cottage.  If it gets taken, I will stop at nothing to find another one like it.

7)  My Camelbak

Mommy got it for me for Christmas (or parents...I'm not said from Santa).  And it keeps me hydrated.  Because I can just hang out with the mouthpiece in my mouth and sip.  Which is nice.  And I sip a lot.  I liiiike it.  Also, it's very nice for biking.  (I want that cottage.)

8)  Désirée's Yarn

She dyes yarn and it's gorgeousful.  It also has a very nice hand and is super soft!!  Mmm...I put flowers on the sock I'm making out of it.  It's super cute.  And soft.  And cute.  But I messed something up on it and have to redo the part I messed up.  Je ne sais pas.

I was going to do ten...but I'm kinda bored now.  So I'll stop.

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