Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Confession...

I have not made today's or, as I'm sure you've noticed, yesterday's tinies...
Instead of tinies, I will tell you the story of my days yesterday and today.  And because I'll be flying to the Red colored state tomorrow ( three hours I have a bus to catch...) I will knit three pairs of tinies to make up for it.

And now the story!

So you remember that candy I tried and failed to make?  Well it kept me up until about three ish, so I didn't get up Tuesday until eleven.  And then I had to go to lab to wrap up my rotation.  I had to run a gel and set up a PCR and start some cultures and eat lunch and write up a "what I did and how to carry on" for B.  AND finish all this by six, when M and I left for Punch Brothers.

Went downtown by bus, ate the nommy foods at Pike Pub and Brewery, across the street from the Showbox, then stood in the rain waiting to enter the venue.  And the tickets said 8, so we figured we'd miss a bit of the opener and be fine, but that really meant doors open at eight.  So we stood around awhile waiting for music to happen, which was shortly after nine.  Good news was we had a really good spot to stand.  One person from the stage and almost directly center.

I can't remember the name of the guy who opened, and I'm too lazy to look him up, despite being on the Interwebs currently, so I'll just type about him.  He was a singer songwriter, which is always more miss than hit.  People stopped paying attention quite quickly and talking instead, which is unfortunate...but I don't really blame them.  He had a mainstream voice and most of his songs sounded the same.  So there was more impatient waiting to be had.

And then more waiting.  With some Othello playing and chit chat with the very tall guy standing in front of us (who ended up kneeling after a few songs so we could see. <3)


They are so wonderful! And Chris Thile is such a character.  And the violinist is really really good.  And they're all really really good!  It was the definition of musicgasm.  So.  Wonderful.  And they have all these little nuances and tidbits that come together to make their music multi-faceted.  It's so good.  Can has go back there, please?  Here're more pictures (apologies for the fuzzy pictures.  My phone does best when nothing moves):

Lookit the cute bassist!  Sadly, he's his bass.

Noam's so deadpan.  He made me giggle.
Chris came out before the encore and played us some bach (4h mvt of G Minor Sonata, specifically).

I want a mandolin.  And I want to figure out how to pick as fast as he does.
 They played Rye Whiskey as the "last" song before the encore.  And Alex was in there somewhere.  They also played Annabell Lee (which. was. gorgeous.) and Paperback Writer (Beatles) and something by Radiohead?  Maybe?  We couldn't figure that one out.  And Icarus Smicarus (Mclusky).  And loads of other lovely songs.  Lots of stomping, lots of clapping, and all around, lots of happiness.

Got back Thirty?  Maybe.  And I had more stuff to do in lab, so I decided teenies needed to wait.  We back to lab today and finished up some gel running (which came out seriously confusing), finished putting all my primers in the database, re-labeled them, stored them, cleaned my bench, etc.  It was all quite sad.  I even took a picture of my sad, empty bench:

Sad, solitary, empty bench.  :(  Perhaps I'll be back...we'll see.

And now I'm cleaning (typing a blog...) so that my apartment doesn't smell of dead things when I get back and so that it looks semi presentable for whoever waters my plants and for K when she comes! YAY K!!  And that's why I haven't done the tinies.  I also had to watch the third disk of Project Runway (while cleaning) so that I could turn it in before leaving.  It's due before I get back.

I will be in Denver for a week, and will attempt to post decent looking blogs while there.  I won't have my Ott Light, so the pictures will be less than awesome, but I'll still post.  Goodnight for now!

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  1. nice post:) I'll miss ya...come back s00n. finished both pockets, now i just need a strap (sp?) and then it's PRETTY (hopefully).