Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The past week...

I've been relaxing in Denver for what will probably be my last official Spring break...and here's a littl of what I've been doing.
When I got in on Thursday and didn't want to work on tinies.  So I played my mom's violin instead.  I think I played for...two hours (after playing the piano for a half hour and getting frustrated with my incompetence).  I used to play on this violin before my parents got me my own for a graduation present.  I called it Sebastian.  :D  I still haven't named my violin...I haven't thought of a good name yet.

Her bow has a fancy mother of pearl fleur de lis

After playing for so long, the strings rub off on my fingers.  Above is proof of practice!  :)  I tried to play the Sonota Chris Thile (that name is hard to type...I always type "Christ Thile" :P ) played at the Punch Bros concert.  It.  Is.  Hard.  Most of Bach's Sonatas are hard, though.  They're very particular.  Also played some Vivaldi and a concerto I learned a long time ago.  It made me quite happy.

And if you're wondering why Gregory Peck got the top picture of this post, it's because mommy and I have been watching movies of his.  We watched Keys to the Kingdom this weekend and are watching Gentleman's Agreement presently.  He was very pretty... :)  I love the slow feeling to these old movies.  The seconds between camera angles is so long!  Thirty seconds on average.  And present day movies assault your eyes with so much so quickly.  It's nice.  I missed some of the dialogue at the beginning and freaked out because I thought I'd missed a key point, so I went to read the synopsis only to discover I hadn't missed hardly anything.

Another thing I've been doing is eating!  Eating really good food.  :D  The night I got here, we had grilled chicken, pomegranate/mint/lemon quinoa and salad...It was soooo yummy.  And Monday I got together with J, J, and A and we made foods.  I made the same quinoa stuff, but with asparagus instead of pomegranate.  J made baked mac/cheese and J made salad. We finished by feasting on chocolate covered strawberries and apples to apples.  And tonight's dinner was poached eggs with creamed brussels sprouts and bacon.  Also very, very good. 

Also peanut butter sadwich.  Why SADwich?  Because this one was found in the street...

Also been treasure hunting my mom's signs around the house.  Unfortunately since my grandma died, the number of signs has diminished, but I still find the occasional signs.

And Goodwill hunting (see what I did there??).  I'm looking for a pair of jeans that fits me really well.  Haven't found them quite yet, but I'll keep looking until I find them.  I did buy the Matrix (finally) the other night along with a pastel stripey tie.  I don't really know why I bought the tie.  I like the way it felt?  Maybe I'll wear it sometime.  :D  Oh, and you know my obsession with Trivial Pursuit and how there is always a copy of the Genus edition at goodwill?  Always?  (It's like James Patterson).  Well I found this pile at one of the ones I visited.

And last of all...I bought a mandolin!  It's a Dean BGFSF F5 and signed by Sam Bush.  And very pretty.  And curly-cuey.  :D  J is fetching it from its previous owner for me and I should have Friday.

Isn't it beautiful?  :D  I'm so excited!!

And that's all for now.  More tinies tomorrow.  Goodnight all.

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