Sunday, March 6, 2011

Teeny Tiny Thirty-Three "Rugby Baby"

At first I was attempting to do a spiraling colorwork pattern, but it was taking too long and being too tight, so I switched to stripes instead.

More of the Lion Brand Microspun yarn (since I've no idea what else I'll do with it).  I think now I'll make a series of rugby baby socks with all of the colors starting with red AND.  I have no yellow, so the next "and" will be green.  This should be interesting, non?  So, by the time I'm finished I should have: red/orange, red/green, red/blue, red/purple, red/black, red/grey, orange/green, orange/blue, orange/purple, orange/black, orange/grey, green/blue, green/purple, green/black, green/grey (just for Chris Thile), blue/purple, blue/black, blue/grey, purple/black, purple/grey, black/grey.  I didn't need to do that, but it was a fun typing exercise. 

And here they are!

Sorry about the last one, it's a bit blurry...  Meh.


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