Saturday, February 12, 2011

Things I love at the moment...

In this, the first edition of things I love, we will explore...

1) Not going to bed.  (The internet is more interesting anyways)

2) Lady Gaga (I'm not too keen on Born This Way, but'll probably grow on me.)

3) Jonsi (he's just that amazing.  Thanks to NPR for posting his concert.)

4) Luna bars (10 for $10 at QFC!!! Cheapest I've seen them in Seattle YET!  Chocolate Peppermint Stick is the best.  And no, they don't have estrogen in them.  Stupid.)

5) Chocolove (Chili and cherry and chocolate, OH MY!  Did I mention they're made in Boulder, Co?  It's like eating a little piece of home...)

6) Portlandia (after hearing Carrie Brownstein's voice on NPR so much, it's fun to put a face to the voice. Also, Portland rocks.)

7) Warm, soft beds (I think I'll go jump into mine right now!)

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