Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Teeny Tiny Twenty-One "Chunky-Spun" and a very slow day

I would say I had a debilitating headache this morning...but that would be a lie.  I just didn't want to get out of bed.  And I didn't.  Not until two.  But when I did get up I sewed the beginning of another punching bag and ran out of thread, discovered that I really needed to make six of these, not just three, and bought more fabric (not the thickest duck canvas, either, which is what I've been using; slightly thinner so less killing of machine). 

The good news about going to get more thread and fabric was that today was Prez day and they were having a sale on fabrics.  20% off, so that's good.  Also, the girl who cut my fabric said I should use the super strong sharp needles instead of the mostly strong denim needles.  So I got ten of those in anticipation of more breaking.  I've gotten better at not breaking them, though.

I also got some pretty deep red and leaf green taffeta on sale for another rose.  Soon as I'm done with these punching bags I'm going to start sewing those.  I got some pretty rayon embroidery thread to do the satin stitch on the roses, too.  I'm excited for them.  The bad news is the cutting out of pieces takes a lot of time.  I'm thinking for this red rose I'll try just folding the fabric and cutting two at a time and seeing how that works.  I won't have to cut certain petals out of specific colors with the red like I did with the pink ombre cotton I have, so that will work out well.  Also less waste this way.

And to compensate for getting up so late, I went to lab after orchestra and ran a gel and spread some antibiotics on some plates in anticipation of streaking to singles.  The strains aren't growing as quickly as I would like, though.  Hopefully they will be done by Wednesday.  Also, the gel came out funny.  Will be asking B wtf.

And now for the socks.  I just grabbed a skein at random and happened to pick one of the first yarns I hand spun.  It's super uneven because I was just figuring out how to control the speed of the fiber, etc.  It's just corridale wool, so probably too scratchy for a tiny baby foot, but I suppose one could always put a small, thin, soft sock on the baby foot first and then top with these.  *shrug*

Pattern is just a 1x1 ribbing.

And that is all for tonight.  I thought I would stay up all night to get my sleeping back on schedule because lab meeting is at nine...but now I think I'm kind of tired.  So I'm actually going to go to bed!

Until tomorrow!

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