Tuesday, February 1, 2011

T Shirt Recon

I've been doing this for a little longer than I've had a sewing machine.  I just started with the tie stuff and then got Generation T for Christmas and started making some of the designs she has in there.  Here are a few of the shirts I've reconstructed.

This is the first one I ever did.  I made it back in high school and, as you can tell, didn't pay too much attention to the number of ties.  It's got a tail.  I kinda like it though.

This is a second, better constructed one.  I liked the purple screen print.  :D

 And a third just tied one, but this time I used bleach and made a pretty Evanescence logo.
 This one I don't like so much because I didn't take it in as much as I should have.
This one I got a bit more ambitious.  The style is from Generation T.  I took the pepper off of the front of the shirt and appliqued it onto the back.  The only problem is it MUST be either worn with a bra or something to protect tender parts because the stitching through the applique chafes. 

This one I had TONS of fun with.  It's just a plane old black tank, but I went out and found a bunch of leaves and bleached it.  I love it.
And best of all!  This is my mostest mostest favorite!  This was originally three t shirts, one red, one blue, and one yellow.  I heard about some lady who had been on project runway and the interviewer asked her what she was wearing.  She said she was wearing a superman dress and I wanted one!  I don't know what hers looks like, but mine is better.  Yup.

I started with this and wanted a better neck, sleeves and longer on the bottom.  I couldn't even bend over without my bum showing.

So I took off the sleeves and made them caps and gathered and tighter upper arm.  I also took all the leftover scraps and put them into a skirt.  Now it's better!

Finished product!!!

And just for good measure:  a close up of the super man emblem, which is appliqued.

Until next time!!!

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