Saturday, February 12, 2011

Teeny Tiny #10, NBC's the Voice and Slippers

I am l'exhausted!  Today I was adventurous and went to an audition...  NBC is making a new television show called The Voice of America.  It's styled off of the original in Holland and they're making it to try to get more viewership than American Idol.  I read about it and thought it sounded much better, so we'll see what kind of a show it turns out to be.

Anyways, the Seattle auditions were the last in their country-wide tour and the call started at eight.  I set my alarm to six and when it went of, I stuck my phone under my pillow and went back to sleep.  I woke up at eight thirty and decided all would be well...  I didn't practice at all because they're filming in March/April and I don't have any idea what I would do if called back.  I'd have to decide between school and a television show and I couldn't just drop school for a whim like that.

I got there around nine thirty and the line didn't seem too long.  But we stood there...from then until about three-thirty, so six hours of standing.  Let me tell you, that was...painful.  I didn't make it past the first bracket, which was good (no decisions to make) but a girl a few people ahead of me did.  She was this cute little Asian girl with a HUGE voice!  She played the piano while she sang and when she was done we all clapped for her.  I hope I see her on the show!  They tell you immediately by either saying, "Thank you," or "We'd like to invite you for a call back tomorrow."

My legs are now very very sore.  I feel as though I have been walking all day long.  When I've posted this and finished watching tonight's episode of Portlandia, I'm going to smother my legs in icy hot, put on a pair of dirty leggings and get in bed and it is going to be glorious!  I would fill the tub with a ton of hot water, but I'm pretty sure my hot water heater couldn't handle it.  It would fill half way and go cold.  Super disappointing, let me tell you!

The good news about standing around for six hours was I got a ton of knitting done.  I was smurt and wore my huge goth fur coat and was only cold on my toes, so I knitted my teeny tinies for the day.  And without further ado, here they are!!!

As I said, I have a BUNCH of Lion Brand micro spun and I do, indeed, have orange.  You'll see it tomorrow!  I'm not entirely sure what the pattern is...I started out trying to make little heart things and gave they're like the chevrons of the other day, but not with yarn overs.  They're done like cables.  Yup!  Maybe I'll make a little pair of black ones with some red heart stitches.  Yup!

Because I finished my tinies so early I was finally able to knit something for ME today!  That is definitely the down side to making these tinies.  I usually have to cram them in at the end of the day and then I have no time for my own stuff.  So I got a pattern on Ravelry a bit ago and had two balls of wonderfully colored Noro to use for it and I finally started it today!  I am almost finished with the knitting part.  I just need another ball to finish the straps.  So here's what I did so far:

And you're now thinking, "Okay...buncha strips...soo...what are you making?"  They're going to be a pair of ballet flats!  Surprising as that may seem, it's true.  The pattern is French Press Felted Slippers.  I think they're super cute and I'm very optimistic for the end product!  K has a washing machine and I'm going to borrow it to felt these and a purse thing I made a while ago with another color way of Noro (despite the sticks and bugs, I really like Noro).

It's a purse, I swear!  And it has beads.  In a swirly design.  It's going to be awesome!  Specially with the ruffly things.  I'm excited for it!  And I need to go to the yarn store to get another ball.  And maybe stop by the farmers' market.  Yup!

Okay I'm done.  Goodnight all!

Until next time!

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