Friday, February 18, 2011

Teeny Tiny Eighteen

Dude!  I knit these babies SO FAST!

I'm being boring again.  I just figured I had only enough of this yarn left to do another set of tiny socks with it, so I might as well.  And I finished them before three!!

Also, the latest robbery happened less than a block from me...umm...So I won't be going out after dark EVER.  :P  I need to move to a safer neighborhood.

Also also, I was going to post this super clever status on my FB about how I had had two ciders and was still able to do science...but then I wasn't really able to do science.  :P  Actually I probably would have been okay had I not been on a time would have taken me longer than usual, but I could have done it.  But instead I made K, C and I late for a chem lecture at the chocolate factory.  :(

And now for the socks!

Yay socks!  And now that it's only eleven thirty and I have all this extra time, I'm going to go cut out a punching bag!  YAY!  Good night all and happy weekends!

Until tomorrow!

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