Wednesday, February 2, 2011

365 Teenie Tiny Baby Socks

Okay.  So here's the deal: I was reading blogs on Etsy the other day and read about this person who wrote a book about how people should try to do something creative every day.  I think he started with a skull a day.  His name is Noah Scalin.  Book here, book's blog here, his skull blog here.

Anyways.  I thought this would be fun and challenging.  And since I'm always knitting, I picked that as my medium.  I also wanted something that would be fairly easily finished in one day, but wasn't just a boring scarf.  So I chose itsy bitsy socks.  I almost picked mittens, but I don't like doing thumbs.  So there.

I started on February 1st and completed this little pair.

I did a seed stitch for the cuff and put yarn overs along the bind off so I could put little ties on them.  I hear babies lose socks if they're not tied on.  It's cuz their little feets are so little!  I think they're premie sized...I'm not sure.  I'm also not sure what to do with them, but for now, I'm going to string them up and display them!

I'll post the day's sock the day after I finish them and here's to hoping I can keep this up!

Until next time!

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