Thursday, February 24, 2011

Teeny Tiny Twenty-Four "Satan Snowflakes"

I got tired of doing just one color socks and I still have tons of that microspun stuff, so today is COLORWORK!  I grabbed the black and the red skeins and intended originally to do a cute heartsy pattern.  But then I wanted to do a snowflake.  In retrospect that was completely silly with the colors I was using...but you can be the judge of that. 

And also, I don't like this new aperture version.  I used to be able to select a bunch of pictures and drag them wherever I wanted them to be, but then it will only move the one in the selection I grab.  AND when I import them, for unknown reasons, it won't even let me move them.  I don't know if maybe it needs more time to process, but that's TOUGH because the last version of Aperture let me do I'm really frustrated with it and keep shutting it off and turning it back on to move the pictures around.  GR SO ANNOYED!!!  If it keeps up with this, I'm going to revert to the previous version I had.  UGH!

Okay socks.

Perhaps YOU see a cute little snowflake...but I think (and the knitting girls think) that it looks like there's a face in the an evil face.  So it's a hellish snowflake.  :P

So there you have it! Number twenty four is finished.  I think tomorrow will be a Halloween sock with kitties.

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