Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ten Tiny Dances and the Eleventh Teeny Tiny

I slept a lot today.  Definitely didn't get out of bed until noon.  I didn't set the alarm for that very reason.  And then I went erranding!  I went to Weaving Works to get a bit more Noro for the slippers and also got some bulky Lamb's Pride in a cool black heather kind of colorway for another pair of slippers.  These are going to be my new obsession.  :D

I then went to Pac Fabrics and got some heavy duty thread and needles for a commission I'm working on for a colleague.  I'm making punching bags for his Kung  Group?  I dunno what that's called.  They're canvas and are filled with soy beans, so they have to be super strong.  They're really simple, though.  I analyzed the pattern today and it's just a big rectangle sewn into a cylinder and then a circle sewn to the bottom.  The top gets grommets, but I don't have a grommet setter, so I'll leave that for him to do.

"I know kung fu!" - Neo

AND I finally got to Ulta for a replacement hair brush to the one I left at the Hostel in Portland(ia).  It was my only brush (well...the other is a big one with only boar bristles and it's really just for before bed brushing, not styling) and I missed it A LOT!  So now I have another.  And it was the last one they had!  I also came away with some eye shadow, foundation, lip stain and shadow brushes...
The best brush ever!

And Tiny Dances!  They were created by Mike Barber in Portland and came to Seattle.  The premise is the dancers have a stage that is 4x4.  That is in feet, so it's very small.  They choreograph a dance that is three to eight minutes long and "are supposed to stay on the stage."  However, that last bit is really only a suggestion.  Mike himself performed and actually went so far as to pick up the stage and move it around the floor and climbed up on the sides of it.

Beth Graczyk of Salt Horse
One of the researchers who works in the lab in which I rotated last quarter performed tonight.  She is part of a dance company called Salt Horse and opened the Tiny Dances at Velocity Dance Center with another member of the company.  The dances are almost indescribable.  Watching them is like going to a museum and looking at the modern art.  You know there is meaning in them, but you're not sure what the meaning is, so everyone who sees them draws their own conclusions.  And did I mention there were GUMMY BEARS!!!  And they were Haribo gummy bears.  Those are the only gummy bears one should ever purchase.  Ever.  So there.

And on to the tiny socks!!  As I said, I did find an orange Lion Brand, so that is what these are!  The pattern is just a basic 1x1 ribbing and stretches a lot.  :D  I made these while I was standing in the line for the audition yesterday.  It's the earliest I've ever finished a pair of tinies.  Today's, for instance, have not been started.

And now I have to go get to the tinies before I go to bed because I need to read a paper!!!  AH!

Goodnight and until next time!

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