Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Teeny Tiny Twenty-Two "Horse Shoe" and a Bracelet

Tada!!  I did it (finally).  :D  And it turns out I had MORE Lion Brand MicroSpun.  This one's a pretty silvery grey/gray.

And earlier this evening while I should have been knitting tinies, I made a pretty!  I bought a wooden bangle at Pac Fabs and covered it with a cable I knitted.  I was originally messing around with some Noro Silk garden leftovers, but the cable I was using looked stupid when it went from pink to green.  So then I decided to do it in that sparkly white I used for the zero tinies and the cable started to look like hugs and kisses (X's and O's).  SO!  I grabbed a skein of worsted black and made a pretty bracelet!

Is that not the coolest cable you've ever seen??  I thought so too.  It's called a fancy chain, but it's really simple.  And it looks way cool in two different colors!  YAY!  I think I'll stick this on my etsy and see what happens to it!

Time for bed! Happy sleeping, all!

Until tomorrow!

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