Saturday, January 8, 2011


I have done it!

I have too much yarn.  I can't help it.  My problem is that I buy yarn and tell myself I'll think of a project to use it.  However...that rarely happens.  I have a large stearlite box that is overflowing with my yarn stash...

SO!  I decided to knit bomb with some of the stuff I will probably never use.  I have a premade bomb that I'll be using soon, too.  It was supposed to be a scarf, but it's utterly wretched and silly and changes widths because I made it before I knew anything about gauge.  Aaaanyways...

Knitfitti: A Formula

  • leftover yarns (any yarns, really, so long as they didn't cost more than 7 dollars a skein. Goodwill has lots of crappy yarn...)
  • Needles, fairly large. I used 15's
  • Zip ties
  • Scissors
  • warm clothing
  • camera

Find something you would like to bomb.  I originally thought I would use a street sign that looked chilly, so I measured it (9" x 42") and figured out how many stitches I would need to make that 9".  I used 25 to begin with because my first yarn was a bulky weight.
Knit.  For a long time.  While watching something good. 
When I changed to my worsted weight, I added five stitches and doubled the yarn up (which used more of it).  GOODBYE Ugly orange yarn I used for a Jayne hat a year ago!
I got bored of just stockinette stitch, so I threw in a cable here and there. And an owl.  :)

 Not quite all the same width...but meh!
 Most of this was acrylic yarn I got before I discovered stores that weren't JoAnns...
 I used a lot of silly shiny metallic eyelash yarn I have little intention to use....
 There's a cable in the purple, you just can't tell.
 Owl cable!
 You can see him better here.
 And the top, with some more cabled thingys.

Make a tag!  Unless, of course, you would rather remain anonymous...  I just wrote my blog address on a piece of paper and ironed it between a few layers of a clear plastic bag so it wouldn't shrivel when it starts raining again.  I should have taken a pic of that, too, but I forgot.

When finished, wait til it stops raining/snowing (if you're in Seattle, that's basically never).  Dress warmly (season-dependent) and go out late.  I just got back and it's 12:30, so I think I left around midnight.  At first I thought I would attach my -fitti with a zip tie at each end and one in the middle and then crochet the rest together, but that seemed like it would take I just threw a zip tie on every few inches.  Sadly the only length of zip ties I had on hand were 10', so I had a lot of tails to cut off... :( Must invest in shorter ones that won't be quite as wasted.

Adjust your bomb so it faces the way you want, take a quick picture, then walk away as though nothing happened!
 This is the corner fence at a school parking lot.  The neat thing about this that tonight is Friday night, tomorrow is Saturday, and the farmers' market is in the parking lot in the morning!  YAY!  I'm pretty proud of it.  :D

Dude.  It's waaaay bedtime!  Goodnight all!  Happy knitting, and I hope you found something good at the market!


  1. I found this. 'swhy I'm here. Nice work beautifying the udist!

  2. Thanks! I'm glad you like it!