Sunday, January 9, 2011

Lots of Leggings

So I just recently discovered It's magical, really. The patterns are much cheaper and, so far, they've been perfect! The first things I have made are leggings, and I have made FOUR already.

Another thing I'm in to recently is using huge clothes I find at Goodwill to make other clothing. I started with this shirt:

It's partly cashmere, which made me super happy because it cost me 3.99! So, to make leggings out of it, I cut off the sleeves and use those as the lower leg and use the body for the upper part.

I didn't have a serger for the first two, so I spent extra thread finishing the edges, but here's a pic of the finished project:

The next pair was a green mostly acrylic sweater type thing for about the same monies:

Same method, here's the result:

For the third ones, I got more ambitious.  I found this sweet fabric at Goodwill:

Pretty blue metallic snakeskin print stuff, made fantastic leggings!!  These are on sale on my etsy site:

Aaaand this last recent pair I used a different pattern. Pacific Fabrics was having a $1.99 /ea sale on McCall's patterns, which I had a list of, so I bought seven of them, two of which were leggings patterns. The difference is these account for a butt. The rear has more room, whereas the BurdaStyle pattern is just one same crotch. I also got some pretty clearance knit fabric while I was there. Tada:

I think it's time to get into another pattern. I also got a cool knit shirt pattern and still have tons of fabric to make cute jellyroll skirts out of. I'll post those pics, soon.

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