Tuesday, January 25, 2011

An Update: It's Real Late.


I'm awake. And I shouldn't be.  I really really really really really really (you get the point) would rather not read another scientific paper ever, ever again.  Ever.  Unfortunately I don't think that would work out well.  :P

The one I am supposed to be reading is about things.  That's a scientific term, by the way.  Use it in your next convo.  Impress your friends. 

I went to orchestra practice tonight and was pleasantly surprised to find that, although I have not practiced, I was able to keep up pretty well.  We aren't playing the Adams any more, so I'm a bit sad about that, but it's not like I would have practiced it anyways.

I went to Portland over the weekend and went a bit too crazy buying things.  I didn't actually buy all that many things.  I got there Thursday night around ten (after dropping off my extremely pleasant rideshare passenger, Fiona), checked in to the hostel and went straight to Powell's.  They're open til eleven, so I figured I could do a quick dry run before actually going there with my friends the next day.  I walked in the front door and was immediately accosted by the craft section.  There were three very high shelves packed JUST with knitting books!  There were so many I just didn't know which to pick up.  I couldn't even begin to decide!  So I left that section and just wandered. 

We went back the next morning after a 'hangover breakfast.'  My friends went a bit wild with whiskey... :)  This time I just browsed.  I still avoided the knitting section and instead looked at Wendy's book, The Home Stretch.  I have a bunch of jersey fabric ready to use and wanted to see if I could gain any insight.

We left after just an hour (record time, I'm betting) and I bought Odd and the Frost Giants by Neil Gaiman because it was on sale for half price and it was the first edition, which is very cutesy and little and made me smile.

I then forced everyone in my car to go to Fabric Depot.  This store is "the northwest's largest fabric store."  And it really was huge.  They say they have something over an acre worth of fabric there.  I believe it.  There was an excellent selection of fancy fabrics, which I drooled all over, and a huuuuge selection of quilting cottons.  Their knits section was meh, but they had a pretty extensive shirtings, suitings, and 'pantings' section.  I didn't buy anything but a gradient cotton that fades from deep pink to light pink.  It will be made into a rose pillow, for which I bought a pattern.  I'm pretty excited about that thing.  I would post a picture of what it will look like, but I couldn't find one out there that looked anything like it.  I promise I'll post when I'm finished with it.

Oh, and Fab Depot has a man cave.  With tele's and CNN and Football.  Brilliant.

From there we went to a jewelry store and I bought some slightly bigger than 4 gauged crystal plugs, which are quite pretty.
And then to YARNIA!  That store is soooo cool!  I made a 45% black merino 45% purple bamboo 10% purple lurex sock weight yarn.  It's so pretty and I got 250yds for $12, which I thought was pretty impressive, judging by some of the yarns I have bought.

After a wonderful dinner of crèpes at the food carts, Andrew and I picked up our two rideshare passengers and drove back to Seattle.  Saturday was spent exploring Seattle (we went to Gas Works, the Troll, the Locks, the piers, Bellevue and Montlake) and was topped off with delicious dinner (courtesy of Roo) at Cafe Flora (a lovely little vegetarian restaurant with THE BEST yam fries I have ever had) and a Project Runway marathon.  Sunday was lazy.  We watched Perfume: The Story of a Murderer, which is one of my favorite movies, right up there with Clockwork Orange, and then I took him to the airport and he flew home.  I miss him and his roommate awesomeness.  :(

And today...it was back to school.  Bleh.  Actually today was not so bad.  I'm troubleshooting a quickchange and ran two PCRs, a gel, and transformed some E. coli.  I'm hoping for colonies this time, but I won't know until the morning whether it worked or not.  Let's hope so!

In closing I have made a really neat knit cap sleeve shirt with lace inserts that I'll be (begrudgingly) posting on Etsy soon.  Keep an eye out for that.  It's super cute and combines the cutout and lace fashion trends for Spring. 

And now I must to bed with me!
Love and creativity to you all!

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