Sunday, January 30, 2011

On The Men's Spring Lines 2011

This is mostly just for a friend, but feel free to look!

Note: the captions belong to the picture above, not below, just to avoid ambiguity.


Things I found for you to look at (and by finding...I did not do homework. Goal accomplished!):

3.1 Phillip Lim

This one is just for shits and giggles
But not in leather.

(don't ask me WHY one would name their brand that...) (also, their models look like tools...wrenches, the lot of 'em)

Adam Kimmel 
( for ganstas.)

I wish you could see the coat better.

Agnés B.

Don't look at the pants. Please, for the love of all that is...not awful.
This is yours, but a different color!
Alexander McQueen

Alexis Mabille 
(this whole line is extremely humorous. It's by a man, mind you.)
Just for more shits and giggles. He's a fuh-lower child!

Ann Demeulemeester 
(sick name, dude.  May I just say that I absolutely love this line? Okay. I love this line.)
[I basically pasted her entire line here, so you may as well go look at it yourself.]
She changed to black! Betchoo weren't expecting THAT!

Bottega Veneta
A nice take on a classic look...
Burberry Prorsum

Yohji Yamamoto
(he's funny. look him up some time. Also, he ruined by alphabetization.)

Comme des Garçons
In the event you're into Miyazaki-inspired 'tree spirit' print dresses.
Dior Homme

Emporio Armani
(Please see Giorgio Armani for clothing real men can wear)
...Hitler inspired...
For the sleazy, greasy Italian man I know is hiding inside.
Jean Paul Gaultier
(who can't tell women from men...apparently) [EDIT: After reading more about the lines...I realized this is actually most probably Andrej...who is just incredibly androgynous.]

John Galliano
(designer for Dior, quite...and interesting person...)
This is really just for the make up and Charlie Chaplin style.
Junya Watanabe

Ignore the fact this guy looks like Edward...
...and this one looks like Jacob. (and he's wearing socks in sandles)
Salvatore Ferragamo
another for the face. Ben Stiller would be proud.
As you may have noticed, I started getting picky with the ones I clicked on.  For more, go to's Men's Page!

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