Sunday, April 17, 2011

[Some] things I love at the moment...and babbling...

I'ma babble for a while!  Consider yourself warned!
1)  Playing music

Brought my mando to lab cuz M was there and had his lab guitar, so we played for a while.  It was fun!  Way fun!  I was reminded how to play Red-Haired Boy and we played some other stuff from a libary book I got.  Music is nice.  AND THERE'S A QUARTET PARTY AT THE PALACE ON FRIDAY OMG SO EXCITED *GUSH!*  The last one was super fun and there was tons of food, but we didn't eat anything because we were so engrossed in playing musics.  I expect it to be exactly the same this Friday.

2)  My baby plants

They are getting so much bigger!  I planted a bunch about two weeks ago and a few more last week.  Beans grow super fast, which is awesome!
Most of the ones with leaves are marigolds, but the one on the right-most in the next to bottom row is a tomato.

This is a bean!  He's either a purple or a rattlesnack heirloom pole bean.  I think he's very healthy.  I shall name him...Bernard, because he is strong like bear.

This is my other bean.  I'm worried about him because his brother sprouted so much faster...they say beans like him are not as strong...

This is my fuzzy purple velvet plant.  Mommy gave it to me as a clipping and it has thrived.

Chive babies!  They're so stringy and funny-looking.

These are my black velvet pansies, Elizabeth Short and Natalia Romanova.  I hope they get on with it.  I think I'm going to transplant them soon.

One of my stronger peas (Anne Brontë)!

They're sugar ann peas and they're cute and little. From L to R: Anne Boleyn, Anne Brontë, Anne Frank, Anne Hathaway and Anne Rice.

Mostly lettuce but the two top left ones are marigolds.

Père the Parsley.
This is my milk bottle pea who has finally found the twine I left him.  Yes, he's a him.  He shall be...Takht-e Tâvus, Tav for short.

3)  My soon to be baby plants

I went a bit crazy on the seed catalog websites buying seeds.  And these are the ones I purchased:

Purple Queen bush beans
Thumbelina Carrots
White Wonder Cucumber
Bambino Eggplant
Fairy Tale Eggplant
Sweet Mesclun Mix

Sweet Popper Pepper
Cherry Bomb Radish
Super sweet 100 Cherry Tomatoes
Tumbling Tom Tomato
Empress of India Nasturtiums
Fernleaf Dill
Sweet Basil
I did a bunch of research about container gardening and found this amazing book from the libary, The Vegetable Gardener's Container Bible, that told me everything about this!  It's so amazing!  Most of the varieties I decided to buy are tiny versions of plants.  The bambino and fairy tale eggplants don't grow very tall.  Bush beans don't need to climb, they stay in bushes, so they won't need a trellis to climb on (like Bernard will need...uh oh...).  The thumbelina's don't need depth cuz they're the size of golf balls, same as the radish.  The tomatoes can grow without being supported, but I think I may get them supports anyways.  The cucumber was thrown in for free...but it's not made to be small.  I may forgo planting it.  The peppers are actually quite small, too.  The dill is a smaller hybrid.  The nasties will be to attract good insects.  And the basil...we shall see. 

And five gallon buckets.  I am going to be acquiring lots of five gallon buckets so that I can plant in them.  And I intend to have so many plants that it is difficult to get into my apartment.

4)  Seattle Tilth

Local group of AWESOMENESS!  I heard about them on KUOW's Greenday's Gardening podcast.  They offer classes and lectures about gardening and the like.  They also have plant sales (one coming up in may).  I signed up for something like seven classes for FREE today!

They have most of their classes for prices, but there are a bunch of classes about container gardening (herb, salad, veggie and fall/winter veggies) and composting for people living in apartments that are offered by Seattle Parks and Rec that are free and I am SO there!  Also taking a class on how to grow eggplants, tomatoes and peppers!  YAY!

5)  The prospect of a place with room and sun enough for more baby plants

I've been searching Craigslist almost every day looking for interesting places.  I should really wait to be serious about them until closer to August so I don't have to worry about trying to sublet my apartment.  But I really want a house-sized house.  I want a house-sized house with a house-sized kitchen and a house-sized living room and a house-sized yard.  Or even just a small yard.  And kitties.

I don't want an apartment.  Not enough space for gardens.  Need.  Space.

6)  Serging mah quilt

Started it last week and have two panels done.  The first picture is two panels, thought it looks like one.

And when it is in triangles I hope it to look like this:
Like that.

7)  The libary

That's pretty self explanatory, but it's true!

8)  Caramel

K and I made some while she was here and I've been eating it every now and then.  It's not the right consistency, but it still tastes good.  I think all it needed was a little longer on the stove.  I'm going to make some more after a while and see how it comes out.

9)  Milk - Regardless of radiation

I would have used a 'got milk?' ad, but I hate them (much as I love Annie Leibovitz) because NO ONE GETS A MILK MUSTACHE LIKE THAT!!!!!  NOOOO ONE!!!!!!!! UGH!

Yeah, yeah, I know we're in Seattle and really close to whatever radiation is coming over hear from Japan and someone mentioned something about radioactive milk, but you know what?  I DON'T CARE!  Nor do I think anything that's in there is anything I should be worried about.  I work with Ethidium Bromide and used to work with uranyl acetate.  Much more radioactive and carcinogenic materials I've been exposed to there. 

10)  Hot liquids
I have too much tea...don't anyone EVER get me ANY more tea. :D
I had hot tomato soup for lunch and tea after dinner and now I think I'm going to make myself a big mug of NOT powder hot chocolate (ask me for the recipe if you're interested).  And the tea I had was from my stand partner, D.  He brought it back from China...if I remember correctly.  It's Jasmine Dragon ball tea and the little balls of tea leaves unfurl as the hot water reconstitutes them.  It was quite tasty.  And it worked so nicely in my pretty glass tea cup!  It reminded me of my silly blooming tea that I never drink, but it was drinkable.


After!  Isn't it pretty??
11) Amanda Palmer

Besides the fact that Coin-Operated Boy is basically one of the most amazing songs ever written, she's magical and amazing and quite talented.  And funny.  And she's friends with Neil Gaiman.  Um, awesome!  Here's a video to prove it:

Now for this week's episode of 30 Rock and then bed!  And who forgot to tell me America's Next Top Model started?!  IN FEBRUARY!!!  Someone will PAY!!

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  1. hurrays for glass cups, ironic ukelele cover cds, plants with names and many of the other things babbled about in this opus. feel free not to print the elgar if you haven't already!