Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I haven't knit...in almost two weeks...

And that is kind of sad.
I have decided that I should never attempt to do another of those thing a day things unless it's very very small, won't take two hours, and isn't knitting.  I'll get to knitting again, eventually.  I still have D's socks to make (she gave me another three skeins to deal with), but for now...I'm going to play with my sewing machine.

And I've got two jelly rolls I bought over a year ago at Joann's because I had two 45% off coupons and that made them...twenty dollars each, instead of forty something.  They're both batiks and one was mostly green/blue/purple and the other is purple/pink/orange.  So I'm going to make a quilt.  I've decided to make it a full size so it will fit on my bed or my futon and be happy.  Oh, and I'm going to sew it on my serger instead of my machine.  I was thinking about doing a more complicated pattern with nine squares or something but I decided to be lazy and just sew the strips into big rectangles, then cut them into triangles.

Here's my pattern!

I...didn't realize it was that small.  :D  It makes sense because I made it to be 110 px by 110 px.  Heh!  Well, you get the general idea.  It's going to be...colorful.  It will look much better, though.  I'll show pictures as I go.  For instance, here are the fabrics:

Yep!  Okay, I'm going to go do some sewing, now!  Ciao!

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