Friday, April 1, 2011

NOT Teeny Tiny 60

You know what?  I don't want to make tinies tonight. 
I want to eat my sockeye salmon with seriously burnt pecans in lemon juice and limp broccoli, finish watching this episode of 30 Rock, and then spend the next hour playing my mandolin, which is pretty and nice and NOT knitting.

So there.


It's settled.

And tomorrow, I am going to wake up at a reasonable hour, make myself some cinnamon swirl french toast (NOT burnt), go to lab, fix my embryos, and finish working up my presentation for Montag.  Yup.  And maybe I'll make tinies tomorrow.  If I'm not mandolining...

Here are some pretty pictures for your trouble:

Okay, this one's not pretty...

...especially when you notice the almost dead...sea...thing... was still moving.

I would have taken a picture of them when they were swimming underwater...but then it would just look like water.

Pretty hyacinths at the Locks.

bell tree!  Does anyone know what this tree is called??


I wasn't motivated enough to look for a four leaved one...

there were lots of them.

also pretty.

...back lit photos...are strange.

Another tree I'm unfamiliar with.

there was a lot of pink.

Good night!

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